Latitude: ~300 mi. W of the city
Longitude: Just north of Dunland Lake

Terrain and architecture description: Ambhaven is a smallish walled city at the north of Dunland Lake, where the River Garis feeds into it. At the intersection of a lake, a river, and two roads, Ambhaven is a local nexus of some importance.

Population: 1200
Human: 60%
Halfling: 30%
Dwarf: 10%
Religion: Assorted
Government: Fuedal - Ambhaven is ruled by the Duke

Important NPCs

Head of State: Duke Harwulf, male Half-Elf diplomat
Duke Harwulf is a political creature, ennobled for his ability to take a caravan stop, a mercenary company, and a good water source and turn them into a permanent, thriving community. He is popular with his subjects and affects a sunny disposition, even in the midst of hardship.
Seneschal: Dromos Erling, female Dwarva warlock
Dromos Erling is Duke Harwulf's longtime companion and de facto second in command. If the Duke is away, Erling rules Ambhaven. If the Duke needs a representative, Erling will go. Unlike the friendly and optimistic Harwulf, Erling is suspicious and wrathful. Her success in helping create Ambhaven has if nothing else embittered her, and she sees inevitable doom behind any endeavor.
Berwyn Brightfield: Berwyn, female Merfolk wizard
Most townfolk know Berwyn as the exotic Eladrin owner of the Brightfield Oasis. In actuality, she is a merfolk spy keeping an eye on the town and its inhabitants. She is particularly suspicious of Dromos Erling, but she recognizes that the town as a whole is both a good and could be a very useful ally. For the time, she hides her identity with her magics and her mask of deception.

Places of Note

Harwulf Keep: Three stories of stone and iron, the Keep is Ambhaven's largest structure, civic center, and last line of defense. It's no longer large enough to contain the whole town should it be attacked, but if the walls were breached many could take shelter inside. Duke Harwulf keeps a custom that any resident of a year or more (or visitor of long custom and fast friendship) may once a year request a night of the Duke's hospitality. The Duke sees visitors come to bend his ear, to request a boon, or simply to avoid going home. He also gets a lot of children's birthday parties, and if the town is not currently on fire or under attack, he will spare the time to tell the children a story or to organize a game for them.
Brightfield Oasis: Ambhaven's newest inn, the Oasis is pricier than most but lavishly decorated and appointed. Spicy, exotic dishes (mostly seafood and vegetable) are served nightly, and even locals will visit for special occasions. The Oasis also does a brisk (but quiet) business as the town's only reliable buyer and seller of gems and arcana. Those who know about that latter function speculate frequently as to how Brightfield got her riches and why she chose to settle in Ambhaven, but neither the gossips nor the suitors have been able to find out.


Ambhaven is a trading post writ large. There aren't the exotic and broad amenities of the City, nor is the town large enough to support a leisure class. The keep that functions as both the civic center and the last line of defense. Still, for most passing through Ambhaven, it is the largest settlement they've seen and if the town were kept safe for the next few decades, it would prosper into a city.

A city long predating modern Ambhaven was part of the Alkayan Empire and sat in the current spot. Razed to the ground and buried before Ambhaven's founding, some old barrows and ruins still lay buried under grassy mounds.

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