Alkayan Empire

The Alkayan Empire was a briefly lived expansionist kingdom in the northern reaches. Its capital, and most holdings were north of Dunland Lake, and many ruins of the empire wait to be uncovered. At its height, it reached as far south as Ambhaven.

Ruled by a powerful Lich King and follower of Sharosh, the Whispering God, Alkaya was actually fairly short-lived. Most historians consider the term "Empire" to be a bit grandiose for what was essentially a moderate sized kingdom. It is believed to have lasted about 75 years, though much of the historical record has been lost due to suppression by the Sharosh cult of secrets. There is also some indication that there was a previous kingdom that the Lich King took over, but the details are even more heavily obscured than the details of Alkaya itself. The empire fell a bit less than a thousand years ago, through a combination of internal strife and constant low level war with the Elven tribes of the area.

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