Alignment: Good

Worship by Race:

Gnome: 75%
Elf: 15%
Halfling 8%
Tiefling 1%

Lay Practices/Rituals: Devotees of Antua will often carry a small vial of water from the pool in their temple.

Cleric Rites/Rituals: Magic items devoted to Antua are usually intricately carved wood.

Temples: Temples are built around a central pool of fresh water. Poor temples often use a simple pool while large temples have an elemental well that allows the water to be at the command of the head priest.

The goddess was a water nymph.
The mortal was a wood elf. He was handsome and brave. They fell in love, though it was forbidden. As a symbol of their love, he would carve small statues of their 'children', as they could have none. As their love was forbidden, she enchanted the statues to stay hidden until such a time as she could be alone with them.

When the elves split and her lover left for the mortal realm, she threw the carvings in a Feywild river. Her tears washed over them and carried them into the mortal realm, where they became the first Gnomes. Gnomes believe all rivers are connected to her, and floods are a result of her seeing something that reminds her of her lover and crying tears again.

A small sect of Tieflings worship both Antua and her mortal love, believing him to be one of the ancestors of Ashallahsa.

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