Arlo Tadros

Flashy swordplay and tavern brawls are not what the Tadros are known for.


Race: Gnome

Class(es): Rogue

Known History: Arlo is the middle child, neither heir apparent nor favored son of the Tadros shipping concern. He is constantly overlooked by his family, even though is the most successful captain of his father's fleet. His ship, The Gull Skipper, is the one ship that has yet to be boarded by Mercutio Sailaway.

Appearance: Arlo has thinning hair and the pug nose the Tadros are known for. He dressed well, but always seems to look unfortable no matter what he wears.

Personality: Arlo is quiet compared to his blustery brothers. He still has a gift for cruelty but usually lets loose his tongue once his henchman have the situation well in hand.

Motivation: Arlo is perfectly happy as the captain of a vessel away from his family.

Arlo is secretly in love with Lily Sailaway.

Arlo is secretly in love with Hermes Sailaway.

Arlo is quietly acquiring blackmail on his brothers to assume command of the fleet when his father retires.

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