Armin Tadros

The poor man wishes to be rich. The rich man wishes to be king. The king is unsatisfied until he rules all.

Race: Gnome

Class(es): Cleric

Known History: Armin is the grandson of Alecto Tadros, founder of the Tadros merchant family. Armin was sent out of the Tadros household to study the healing arts of Antua. He returned to his family 30 years ago after the wreck that killed his father and older brother and proved to be a cunning leader. The Tadros family's chief rival for dominance of river trade is the Sailaway family.

Appearance: Tadros's round build and green skin tone have led his enemies to make countless toad, frog and bullywug jokes about him. He still carries a few things to remind himself and others of his status as a cleric, but does not dress in the traditional cleric style.

Personality: Armin lets others handle his actions. He carefully considers words before speaking. He shows off his intellect with effective and brutal solutions to his problems.

Motivation: Armin wants what's best for his family.

Tadros abandoned his faith in Antua and is secretly a cleric of the human water goddess Orsina.

Armin had an affair with Hellana Sailaway and she secretly adopted their illegitimate child as one of their own.

Upon his death, Armin has willed his fortune to build a luxurious temple to Antua in The City and leave his three sons penniless.

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