The form of worship common to the Tiefling race. It is a dualistic religion, worshiping both the human and tiefling ancestors as well as the infernal intruders those ancestors struck a deal with.

A typical temple is a study in light and dark. Each temple has two altars; one to the left of the door and one to the right. The one on the left - Ashal - is devoted to the demonic ancestors. The altar on the right - Lahsa - is devoted to the mortal ancestors. A generic temple would divide the light and the dark straight down the middle, but the cleric running the temple will adjust the strength of each section depending on how they skew alignment-wise. An evil temple will be crouched in shadow, while a good temple is bathed in light. But even then, the temple will have some representation of the opposing side. A dark temple may have a single, tiny candle that never burns out, and a good temple may have a corner where the light just doesn’t reach.

A cultural outgrowth of this practice is which hand a tiefling uses as his or her dominant hand. Right-handed tieflings are usually lahsa worshippers, while left-handed tieflings prefer ashal. Many tieflings learn to use both hands to confuse those outside their race.

The slur "Ash-hauller" when referring to Tieflings is a bastardization of this term.

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