Bernard "Bernie" Barrelsmasher


Bernard "Bernie" Barrelsmasher


Dwarf! Ya got a problem with it?!?


Fighter 1


More than the knuckles on the hand I'm about to punch you with for askin'.


Ability Score Value Modifier
Strength 17 +3
Constitution 16 +3
Dexterity 11 0
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 14 +2
Charisma 10 0
Attribute Value
Armor Class 13 (15 w/shield)
Fortitude Defense 15
Reflex Defense 12
Will Defense 12
Initiative 0
Speed (squares) 5

Hit Points: 31

Bloodied: 15


Two, and both stinky!
Dwarf Stoneblood


Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate

Race and Class features:

Cast Iron Stomach, Dwarven Resilience, Racial Encumbrance Speed (Pack Animal), Stand Yer Ground!, Dwarven Weapon Proficiency


Adventurer's Kit, Hide Armor, Heavy Shield, Warhammer, Throwing Hammers (x2)


We'll, where do I begin? Me first memory is of me first beer. Aye, what a delicious pint it was. Dark like a raven with a white foam top that trickled down the side after tha buxom lady set it down fer me. Thick enough to float a gold nugget on top but still a smooth pour down tha gullet. I loved that beer. *sigh* Strangely, I don't remember much after that……
I was 10. Wasn't till I was 20 when I could hold me drink long enough to take the Barrelsmasher Rite of the Clan.
After some travelins', I heard about Deep's Edge and thought to meself, "Self! You deserve to get some loot and get some smashins' in!" An I said to meself, "Self! Yer right!" So I came over to Deep's Edge…

…so I grabbed me pants, me "hammer" and said my goodbyes in a hurried fashion. After that adventure, I swore off Elf-shine forever!
Obviously, I needed a change of pace and I thought again to meself, "Self! We're heading to the borderland!" Confused, I asked meself. "Why?" Which was met by a quick reply of, "Cause that's where the smashin's are!"
So here I be, walking into Molvay Keep!

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