Identities/Avatars:The Gambler, Mamakand (Human Avatar)

Alignment: Good

Worship by Race:

Lay Practices/Rituals:
Devout followers of Ramble ofter do things in sets of 6. They always order 6 drinks, knock on a door 6 times before entering, and so forth.

Often, gamblers will chant Bonne's name during the dice roll, or the wheel spin, or what have you.

Cleric Rites/Rituals:
Clerics of Bonne can be identified by the sets of 6 items they wear. A cleric usually wears six sets of six items to denote their status as a priest of Bonne.

Small shrines scattered throughout the world. Many gambling houses have small shrines to Ramble located within their walls.

Within The City, the largest known temple to Bonne exists. The Paradise Temple is located in the Entertainment District and is a draw to wealthy travellers across the world.

A pair of dice covered in 6's.


The feast day known to the halflings as Coxcob has been adapted to human culture as Fool's Cap.

Bonne has recently been adopted into the human pantheon as Mamakand.

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