A feast day of Unnamed Halfling Chance God, the halfling god of Good Fortune. Followers of Ramble wear brightly colored jester hats and play tricks on the worshippers of other gods.

Within the past decade, as part of Ramble's assimilation into the human pantheon, the holiday known as Fool's Cap has come into vogue. On Fool's Cap, it is expected that you will wear the loudest, silliest, most obnoxious hat that you can find. Those who do not are considered poor sports and are often the targets of drunken revelers. Even the Circlemen of The City have participated in the event.

Games of chance are well celebrated during Coxcob. A favorite is blindfolded dart throwing. While blindfolded, contestants throws darts at a spinning wheel marked in sections labeled with the "prize" they'll win. Some prizes are rewards, and some are anything but. You could win a fine hat, or end up kissing a pig. It all depends on whether Ramble is smiling on you that day.

Coxcob has become an expression of confusion and serendipity; upon receiving good fortune, some will remark, "That was a proper Coxcob."

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