Daggon Morningstar

Name:Daggon Morningstar





Ability Score Value Modifier
Strength 10 0
Constitution 14 +2
Dexterity 11 0
Intelligence 13 +1
Wisdom 16 +3
Charisma 16 +3
Attribute Value
Armor Class 13
Fortitude Defense 0
Reflex Defense 0
Will Defense +2
Initiative +/-
Speed (squares) 6

Hit Points: 26

Bloodied: 13

Feats: Group Insight

Priest Shield (at will)
sacred flame (at will)
Divine Glow (encount)
Bolstering Strike-Paladin (encount)
Beacon of Hope (daily)


Race and Class features:

Channel Divinity, Healer's Lore, Healing word, Ritual casting

Equipment:1 Mace, 1 dagger, leather armor, 1 Holy symbol, 1 staff, 1 Orb, 1 standard Adventure's Kit incl: 1 backpack, 1 bedroll, 1 flint/steel, 1 belt pouch, 10 days rations, 1 50 ft hempen rope, 2 sunrods, 1 water skin.

History/Background: A young cleric trained to do the bidding of his goddess by the stern and often unforgiving Priestesses of Hathros. After forgoing a mandatory 10 year term of celibacy Daggon was banished from his hometown of Azhuel Rah for conduct "unbecoming of a cleric." At what he believes to be the bidding of his deity, Daggon Morningstar traveled to The Deep in search of those wanting to learn of his goddess, adventure, and, of course, pretty young ladies of all races needing private instruction in the proper worship of his lovely goddess. While some seek to attain the level of a god in either myth or deed, or by displacing a current one, Daggon Morningstar desires only to obtain the level of his goddesses consort, which he believes, probably foolishly so, will allow him to share her power.

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