Desdemona Quillburn

Dear boy, I've been enchanting things since before you cracked your first rock teeth.


Race: Dwarf

Class(es): Wizard

Known History: Desdemona comes from the prestigious Quillburn family, the best Dwarven wizards. Desdemona represents the Dwarven city of Cauldron in the Ivory Tower.

Appearance: Desdemona wears the robes of a high-ranking Elementalist when not in magister's robes.

Personality: Desdemona comes from a rich family and treats individuals below her station like dogs and those above her like royalty.

Motivation: Desdemona is still genuinely curious about magical phenomena.

Desdemona is rumored to have a taste for exotic lovers not of the Dwarven persuasion

Desdemona is secretly a warlock spy in the Ivory Tower

Desdemona left on a sabbatical from the Citadel just as charges of corruption were to be levelled at her.

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