Unbeknownst to many outside of the elven lands, a third type of elf exists besides the Eladrin and the wood elf. Known as the Drow, they were one part of the same proud people that became the Eladrin.

The Drow, however, allied with the forces of the Feywild during the Feywar. Some legeneds claim it was the deciding event that turned the tide against the Eladrin and cause their banishment to this world. Strong feelings about the subject still linger, and neither side enjoys talking about what happened.

The Drow were marked for their betrayal with silver hair and dark skin. The Eladrin claim responsibility in this matter, but those few scholars who study the Feywar are unconvinced. If the Eladrin had wizards powerful enough to mark an entire tribe as traitors, they should have had enough magical power to win the war.

The Drow suffered for their betrayal on both sides. In the material world, they were driven underground by the armies of Aladris, forced to live side by side with vile creatures in dungeons, ruined keeps, and other dangerous places. The drow in the Feywild fare little better. The lord of the Untamed Keep often use Drow as slaves, servitors, or worse, experiement to turn them into creatures like Driders and the like. The majority of sovereign Drow live in the Underdark, a semi-mythical underworld.

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