Identities/Avatars: The Mother of Darkness, Mouth of the Earth, Speaker of the First and Last Word


Alignment: Evil

Worship by Race:
Drow: 14%
Dwarf: 3%
Lay Practices/Rituals:

Cleric Rites/Rituals:
Duergar are 'born' through a ritual performed by a cleric of the goddess. The dwarf is trapped in a cave for a few days in total darkness. If they survive and don;t go mad, they emerge as duergar.

Temples: Built around deep pits in the darkest caverns. Priests are suspended above the darkness during worship.

Symbols: Broken lanterns, obsidian hammers, a circle with a black dot inside of it.

Myths/Legends: The more ore dwarves take out of the earth, the hungrier Duerga gets.

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