Dunland Lake

A deep freshwater lake, 300 miles west of the City.

Geography +++

Plane: Prime
World: The only one so far
Region/Nation: Shria Nation (not commonly known)
Longitude: ~ 300 mi. W of the city

Terrain and architecture description: Dunland Lake (a name not used by any of its inhabitants) is approx. 70 miles by 30 miles and is the deepest true lake in the world; its depeest extent is 4800 ft. The northern portion of the lake tends towards sandy beaches, rocky promenatories along the bottom, and staggering depths heated by an underground volcano. The southern third of the lake is on a shelf that at its deepest goes to 500 ft below the surface. The frequent sandbard and muddy hills make the shallows along its convoluted shoreline boggy and hard to navigate.

Population: 6,500
race1percentage: 85% Freshwater merfolk
race2percentage: 15% Kuo-Toa
religion1percentage: 85% Unknown
religion2percentage: 15% Assorted Starpact and Underdark god worship. Sapient sacrifice common.
Government: Republic for the fishpeople, theocracy for the frogpeople.

Important NPCs +++

None yet.

Places of Note +++

Northern abyss: The northern abyss is verdant oasis, unlike most of the sepulcher-like deep waters in the world. In the slight light from bioluminescent coral and magical workings, brilliant colors are everywhere both from nature and craft. Strange molluscs and fish are bizarrely thick, and swimming through the coral and tube worms is more like navigating a three dimensional jungle than a reef. The splendor and uniqueness of the life (and the merpeople's arcane lifestyle) is such that the Feywild tends close in the Northern abyss; not all life in the deep is of this world.
Southern bogs: The Southern edge of the lake is home to a vile morass filled with the reed huts and boats of the Kuo-Toa. Exceptionally, an town including colliseum, temple, and forum sits in its inaccesible center and the construction suggests it is of the Kuo-Toa's own construction despite their present inability to create such a thing.

Society +++

Local land-dwellers know and fear the Kuo-Toa, but few if any of them know of the merpeople in the Northern deeps. If they knew, they would be profoundly grateful as the merpeople are the only thing keeping the Kuo-Toa in check. Relatively advanced, the merpeople live mostly along the sides and bottom of the lake and are able to live in plenty thanks to the volcanic heat and silty runoff from the southern marsh. How they came to inhabit the deep and freshwater is uknown even to them, but the merpeople are now profoundly sensitive to light, seeing mostly through sonar and magic. Their discomfort in light and lack of pressure is surmountable but large enough to make their surface visits infrequent and brief.

The Kuo-Toa, on the other hand, are right bastards and mad as a hatter to boot.

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