Five founders came to The City. One was wiped out during the Crusade, his name lost to history. In its place, the dwarves outcast from the others have taken a common name.

Clan OgAmar: "Of the Hammer"
Clan OgUrd: "Of the Beard"
Clan OgOxy: "Of the Axe"
Clan OgIvil: "Of the Anvil"
Clan Zhara: "Of Zaghara, Blessed of Stone"

Other clans do exist, but these are the five most common due to their role in founding The City.

Customs vary largely with geography and clan, but some are nearly constant. Males of all clans tend to maintain long beards, as they are shaven only in death. Braiding one's beard or hair is a sign of war, originally a practical custom but now so long-practised that has become synonymous with what it symbolizes. The practice has since been adopted by wood elves, many of whom braid their hair into tight cornrows before pursuing a vendetta.

Every two months, clans hold a feast celebrating recent betrothals and victories. These Two-Moon Feasts are the most common occasion (though still quite rare) for outsiders to be brought into a clan gathering, as companions are welcomed as a matter of course. A list of reasons to celebrate is read and toasted before themusic starts, and a synchronized dance is performed on the hours, alternating between the man's dance, the woman's dance, and the child's dance. A typical Two-Moon meal will start with fried squash dumplings, move to a spicy bean and pepper stew, continue with a particularly sour yogurt spiced and spiked with fermented currants, and finished by a sweet mushroom curd covered in seeds or lime zest.

Dwarf women are only allowed in public if they are married or if they have taken the paint.

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