Dwarven Battle Pie

Dwarven Battle Pie was first made by Durn the Unlucky Beard when he met his untimely end at the frosty end of a white dragon, Pi' tharnacthuzza or know to the other races as Pi' zza. Where this would normally be a fitting, and heroic end for dwarves, Durn's was not quite heroic. As legend goes, Durn had met his end not beating a dragon but eating a dragon.
Durn had located the den of a small white dragon using various eccentric methods gleaned from the knowledge of several tavern goers. Durn had boasted he could not only beat a dragon but could also cook it into the most delicious meat pie know to anyone across the land. Durn was promptly informed that he was, in fact, quite nuts. Durn, being the dwarf he was, upped the anti and declared that he would climb the mountain to Pi' zza's lair that very night and make his pie. This prompted a raucous laughter from the audience. With a sputter and a flip of his skewed beard, Durn the Unlucky embarked upon his last quest woefully unprepared.
Needless to say, he was drunk.
Durn did manage to climb the mountain with his cooking gear. He did manage to find the cave even with his inebriation.
He did manage to slay the dragon in the den and even got to carve off several pieces into a trencher in preparation for the stew pot. Unfortunately, Durn's dicey luck had run out because at the very moment he had bent over to light the fire, the other white dragon entered the den. Turns out, the white dragon Durn had slayed and filleted was only a juvenile which happened to still reside in the den. The other white dragon was the real dragon he had set out to kill and subsequently eat. Pi' zza saw the carnage and flew into a rage, filling the den with her frozen breath. Poor Durn didn't have a chance. When he was found several weeks later by an expeditionary force, he was still frozen leaning over his favorite cooking pot and his ass over the teakettle on the fire.
The kind folk freed Durn from his cold tomb for proper burial by a mage using multiple fire spells. While his body was being prepared for transport down the mountainside, one of his dwarven cousins, Orv, happened to stumble across the trencher of meat. Being saddened by his loss of a cousin, Orv was determined the last meal of Durn would be eaten. He had the mage heat the pot with his burning hands to a sweltering temperature and then place the frozen trencher of meat inside. After several minutes, the smell alerted the rest of the expeditionary force that they to were hungry. Durn's last meal, kept fresh by the frozen breath of Pi' zza was good. It was Orv that brought the idea back to his homeland to perfect by adding a veriety of toppings, including cheese, sauce, olives, Mushroom men, and small little fishies. It was a huge hit with the army because the freezing spells used would last for weeks on end thus allowing the troops to enjoy much better fare than hard tack.

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