Elderidge Molvay

Quote: "We must all shine. Every being must reflect Her light into the darkest place."

Race: Eladrin

Class(es): Paladin

Known History:

Appearance: Elderidge dresses in a manner becoming of a lord, but is far more humble in his dress than, say, Honest Gracen. His years in service to Leileva have taught him humility even as lord of a castle. His blessed paladin's armor, Leivalora1, occupies a spot of honor in the Inner Keep.

Personality: Elderidge is well-spoken and quick-witted. He is comfortable at a farmer's table or a knighting ceremony.

Motivation: Being lord of Molvay Keep allows Elderidge to serve his goddess even if his days as a paladin are behind him. He is a kind and fair leader and does his best to balance the concerns of his people with the realities of living on the Borderlands.

Elderidge is aware there is a cult of Sharosh based in the Keep but has been blackmailed into silence.

The armor on display in the Keep is a reproduction. Elderidge lost the original armor and would pay handsomely to have it returned.

The Bastress is the product of a union between Elderidge and a paladin of a different god. This indiscretion is the real reason for Elderidge's retirement.

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