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Race: Tiefling

Class(es): Cleric

Known History: Firistal is the son of Varanth and born in the city of Relkahm. A disagreement over the political status of the Five Points caused Firistal to leave his home and strike out on his own. He arrived in Molvay Keep to provides his services as a healer and cleric. Though his faith has few followers in the region, he has come to be respected in the community due to his abilities as a healer and the encouragement of Lord Molvay.

Appearance: Firistal is thin and tall, with a square jaw. His tiefling horns sweep away from his face and is usually in the grey robes of theose who practice ashallahsa.

Personality: Firistal is gruff with a softer heart that he rarely shows. He usually has a few choice words for his charges returning to him in less than perfect condition..

Motivation: Firistal wishes to build a small permanent ashallahsa temple near Molvay Keep. He devotes most of the monies given to him for healing services to that effect. He has expressed no interest in returning to Relkahm, even after the restoration of his father as advisor to the Founder.

Firistal secretly reveres the demon Evistro.

Firistal left behind a wife and child in Relkham.

Firstal vowed to kill Varanth the next time they met. If he did not live up to that vow, he would loses his clerical healing abilities.

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