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Ironically, he never made it to the bar. He got caught up in a fight featuring Taryn and Leap Ibn Tread vs. a gang of halfling thieves.

So where did the adventure takes you??

Go ahead and change, I just wanted to put a page in there.

I've also decided that male eladrin take the name of an important male relative as their middle name and eladrin women keep their maiden name as their middle name.

Just as a note, I've got Aiden listed as the third child, while on the page for his family, you've got him as the heir. I'm pretty flexible on this point, it just seemed that it would be much less likely that they'd tolerate his wandering off if he's the heir. We should discuss which of us needs to change their page, however.

So, Aiden's family... by FortinbrasFortinbras, 11 Jul 2008 20:41

or at least was on his way to the Guildhouse when our adventure started…

A dwarf tromps into a bar by HushHush, 08 Jul 2008 18:57

Looks good. Just a note, the name is actually spelled Pipii, not Pippy. (Think of it as Pip II). See my character writeup: Pipii Katinka.

The book version's entered.

It's still the same. I'm i the process of movig it to a page so I can set up its abilities.

I noticed that you removed the earlier description of the Smolderskin (+1 cloth fireburst). Do you want us to fill in what Smolderskin is (within reason, of course - +1 Bloodcut leather or hide would be an option, for instance), or is it still +1 cloth fireburst?

Goran has offered to fashion some armor out of the remains of the fire beetles. Who wants to wear Smolderskin Armor?

The game started on the highway into town. Three adventurers sit in a wagon, chatting a little bit about their trip into the City. Aiden is a native, trying to prove to his parents that he can be an adventuer. Rolen is a country boy, coming to the city to find work with his cousins. Pippy is looking for her cousin Pip, a halfling needle in the haystack of the City.

Suddenly, kobolds attack the wagon! Everyone jumps out and figures out how to fight. Aiden takes a beating, but toughs it out once wveryone starts functioning like a team. Rolen shoots from the edges and Pippy, while normally very agile, gets hit with every AoO that comes her way.

The fight finished and the heroes decide to take the body of Torvol, the dead dwarf driver, to his family in the city. They inquire at the city gates and leave the body with the watchmen at his insistance. He names a few places for them to stay for the evening and they choose a place called the Ravenclaw.

The Ravenclaw is run by an old ranger named Goran. Each room contains one of his trophy monsters that he's stuffed and killed. Pippy stays in the Owlbear room. After a weary dinner and an early bedtime, the heroes awake to the smell of fire. They contend with a pair of fire beetles, a rat swarm, and a few giant rats. Rolen and Aiden head downstairs to make sure that Golen is okay. Pippy fished off the remaining fire beetle in am epic battle.

Next time, the heroes vow to inestigate who sent those fire bettles to burn down Goren's place. And they have a meeting in the Dwarven district about a funeral.

I'm a little leery about the maintenance roll meself and am really not sure about a day job just meaning taking ten. I know you're going for a garage band to bar band to rock star thing, but I'm not entirely sold on the notion of doing the cost/benefit on shooting a goblin or specifying that we're getting the brand name fantasy Ramen tonight.

Re: Where you live by hurtfulpotatohurtfulpotato, 30 Jun 2008 19:40

Here's the thread to keep track of what happened in each episode. I'll do my best to include everything I remember, but feel free to comment, challenge, and help me keep all the cool stuff in mind.

Ratcatchers Recaps by mazecontrollermazecontroller, 28 Jun 2008 21:05

As in how to make one? No. I don't want to put any mechanical stuff on here, lest the lawyers come calling.

If you want to make a page for your character, just type their name in the box under add a new page and use the 'PC profile' template.

Do we have one?

Character creation page? by HushHush, 25 Jun 2008 15:05

It looks like people are available this Friday the 27th. So let's get together to make characters then…and maybe even play next weekend…

Re: Dinner in a Dungeon by mazecontrollermazecontroller, 24 Jun 2008 14:18

Nothing too hardcore.

Thinking of a single die roll determining how much of your cut of the treasure haul goes to rent, food, hookers, and what not. If your character takes a part-time job as a non-adventurer, you can take ten with the roll.

Re: Where you live by mazecontrollermazecontroller, 23 Jun 2008 15:39

How extensive do you want to get?

I've had to deal with upkeep and day to day operations for a Battletech game once, nameless to say it got rather obnoxious real quick. I mean honestly, do I really need to watch the stock market every day and approve gear shafts for mechs during repairs? ^_^

Re: Where you live by creampufcreampuf, 23 Jun 2008 15:28

I know our 4th of July weekend is kind of tentative right now. I'm waiting for feedback form my family if they are coming. If not we could host a get together BBQ for character creation.


Re: Dinner in a Dungeon by creampufcreampuf, 23 Jun 2008 15:26

I'd like to find a time to get together, hang out, eat, and make some pretend people!

What's everyone up to July 4th weekend?

Dinner in a Dungeon by mazecontrollermazecontroller, 21 Jun 2008 07:33
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