Garden Street

District: Little Vizeris

Summary: A bustling corridor of commerce, Garden Street extends half a mile to the Academy. On both sides and its spacious medians, it makes home to dozens of boutiques and vendors, and a trip to Garden Street is common recreation in pleasant weather. The only permanent residents stay in apartments above the shops, either as the owners or adventuresome Academy students willing to part with exorbitant rent. The Academy terminus of Garden Streets leads straight up to the Academy's main gates.


Notable NPCs:
Matusiel, owner of The Menagerie.
Tenne Man, a mad and tuneless piper. He dresses in orange and plays his fife along the far end of Garden Street. Street lore has that he was an instructor and warlock at the Academy once, his mind broken by a ritual he still works to perfect.
Pipple, owner of Pipple's Potions

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