Hart's Hoof

District: Tieftown

Summary: The headquarters of The Six Blade.

Appearance: A palace amongst squalor, the Hoof encompasses an entire 1/4 mi. block. The peripheral buildings are taller and consist of tenements and shops to conceal the center. The center has a number of smaller buildings connected by paths and tunnels and has two showpieces in the middle - an ampitheater-style gladitorial ring dominating the eastern side and to the west, a walled garden with a luxurious three story inn, the Hart's Hope. The inn is where Six Blades business is conducted and the most valuable favors and good change hands. The magically silencing (and reinforced) hedgewall insulates the Hart's Hope from the constant din of shouting patrons, and the carefully tended garden around it never fails to impress.

Notable NPCs:
Ychelle Rayannez, dragonborn rogue - Ychelle affects the straightforward and serious demeanor stereotypical of her race when dealing with fools, but with friends and enemies she respects, she relaxes into her natural mode of quick humor and enthusiasm. Ychelle is a powerful figure in Tieftown and beyond, and her influence extends beyond the district because she has made no secret of her association with the Six Blades. Her ambitions are kept in check by her desire to groom and grow the Hart's Hoof (which she has referred to as her 'nest'); she focuses most of her attention on ruling her small kingdom.

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