Hermes Sailaway

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing robes like that. You, apparently, are fine with it.

Race: Gnome

Class(es): Warlock

Known History: Hermes is the youngest son of Napolo Sailaway and captain of The Siren.

Appearance: Hermes dresses in the explosion of colors common to Fae-Pact warlocks. He carves warlock staffs and rods while at sea and fetches an excellent price for his work. Apolliso1 knockoffs can be found at merchants across the land.

Personality: Hermes shares his brother Mercutio's love of laughter, but his jokes are decidedly more pointed. He prefers fine clothes and looks sharp no matter where his adventures take him.



Hermes was denied membership in the Ebony Tower due to his loyalty to his family.

Hermes prefers loves of different races.

Hermes angered the goddess Antua by rejecting her advances.

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