Honest Gracen

"I have enough magic swords to give one to every ship's cook in the Sailaway fleet. Where are you going to find prices better than mine? Chaos Canyon?"


Race: Human

Class(es): Warlord

Known History: Gracen came to Molvay Keep twenty years ago with a small fruit stand and a head full of ambition.

Appearance: Gracen dresses in bright colors and exotic furs. He often wears magic items he sells in his shop as he makes his rounds of the Keep, especially on Market Day. Gracen knows well enough to travel light when outside the safety of the Keep. He hires the best goldblades money can buy. His current "sergeant-at-arms" is a Dragonborn named Scalia.

Personality: Gracen has worked hard to where he is and demands respect because of it. He is not above crooked deals to enhance his wealth or station, but is also aware that you can't cheat an honest man. Most of the members of the Keep's inhabitants consider him odious but necessary.

Motivation: Gracen remembers the pangs of hunger when he started out as a merchant. While his generous size today indicates the unlikely nature of a fall back to starvation, Gracen knows he has to keep moving or a young up-and-comer will knock him off the top someday.


Gracen's biggest regret is not buying Lily's egg when she offered it for sale.

Gracen's wealth comes from dealing both with those under the protection of Molvay Keep and the creatures of Chaos Canyon.

Gracen was once an wizard's apprentice in Neredor's Citadel but was exiled from the city for smuggling out magical artifacts for sale.

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