Quote: "All that disobey shall feel the bite of the Poison Spider Clan."


Race: Orc

Class(es): Elite Brute

Known History:

Kagar rose to his position as Eye of the Poison Spider Clan the only respectable way, by killing the former leader and using his skull to eat his dinner out of the same night.

Tall, about 6'5" always in hide armor and his traditional clan kilt, rarely is he seen without his massive battle axe either slung across his back or in his fist terrifying someone in the clan.
angered that his wayward son and heir has not come to him to learn to lead his true "family". Kagar's favorite form of one on one combat is "Olgolith" which roughly translates to "chained combat" in which the combatants are shackled at the left ankle and must fight to the death. Even though this is supposedly a one on on combat for honor, some of Kagar's opponents have accidently ended up with a crossbow bolt in the back from some misfiring crossbow in the battle circle.
Kagar wants to expand his clan's power and is planning on doing this by defeating any of the other clans that stand in his way.
Kagar once loved a human woman.
Kagar plans to unite all Orc clans one way or another and have them wipe all other "inferior" species from the planet.

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