Identities/Avatars: Goddess of the Morning,

Alignment: Good

Worship by Race:
Eladrin: 30%
Wood Elves: 20%
Driads: 10%

Lay Practices/Rituals:

Followers of Leileva pray daily at either sunrise or sunset. Those that pray at sunrise thank the goddess for returning to the sky. Those that pray at sunset beseech her to return. Whenever her name is used in these services, it is sung.

Cleric Rites/Rituals:

Clerics are notorious for the rituals worshipping their goddess in the nude. Clerics take physical health very seriously and their bodies are considered temples themselves.


Temples of Leileva have a sacred chamber within in case the goddess visits during the night. Only clerics are allowed into these chambers, and only to ensure the space is pristine and ready to recieve her.

The temple of Leileva in The City is made entirely of glass, prisms, and polished surfaces.


Clerics of Leileva often use mirrors as implements in their casting. Paladins of Letleva can often be identified by their plate mail polished to a shine.


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