The elves are afraid that one day they are going to look around and see the humans have built an empire without their permission.

Race: Human

Class(es): Wizard

Known History: Lemmbek is a mage from Neredor's Citadel. His robes identify him as a member of the prestigious Ivory Tower. In addition to light adventuring, he is consulted by both Lord Molvay and Honest Gracen in matters involving magic items.

Appearance: Lemmbek wears his platinum blond hair short and spiky. He keeps his White Order robes immaculate thanks to cleaning rituals.

Personality: Lemmbek is abrasive and opinionated.



Lemmbek was run out of Neredor's Citadel because of his controversial opinions.

Lemmbek is not a wizard but a Demon-Pact Warlock wearing white robes to discredit the other tower.

Lemmbek is secretly a half-elf and hates his mixed heritage.

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