Lily Sailaway

Name: Lily Sailaway

Race: Gnome

Class/Level: Bard

Age: Old enough to know better, a little too young to care. ^_^


Ability Score Value Modifier
Strength 10 +/-
Constitution 10 +/-
Dexterity 10 +/-
Intelligence 10 +/-
Wisdom 10 +/-
Charisma 10 +/-
Attribute Value
Armor Class 0
Fortitude Defense 0
Reflex Defense 0
Will Defense 0
Initiative +/-
Speed (squares) 6

Hit Points:




Race and Class features:


History/Background: Lily is a gnome from the Sailaway family. Daughter of Napolo and Hellana Sailaway. She is the 'middle' child of four. She has two older twin brothers, Mercutio and Hermes, and a little sister named Bernadette.

Sailaway is a derivative of the gnomish name meaning 'sail' and 'away'. Napolo Sailaway decided to change their name to the human language translation after he encountered much difficulty in his early days as a trader and sailor. After Napolo's success after the translation of his name in the trade industry many Gnomish families have followed in his footsteps and used the human language translation of their names as well. Many Gnomish families still keep their Gnomish names and accuse the Sailaway family and others who have translated their name of forgetting their roots and 'selling out'.

Lily has learned much from her father and much to her mother's disapproval, has followed in his footsteps as an adventurer/trader. She just chooses to do her adventuring and trading by land instead of by sea. She found out at a very inconvenient time, during a ship race with her brothers, that while she had basically grown up on a boat, she no longer was able to stomach the tumultuous waves of the sea. No matter how far from home her adventures take her, Napolo, her father, manages to hear about them well before she makes it home. Whenever she asks Napolo how he obtained the information he did his reply is alway the same: "I have my ways my little dewdrop, I have my ways."

Mercutio and Hermes are captains of the two most prominent ships of the Sailaway fleet. Hermes is the captain of the 'Mistress' and Mercutio is captain of the 'Siren'. The brothers are as notorious as they are loved across the land. Throughout her adventures Lily encounters both "Tell Mercutio/Hermes that I miss him and love him" and "Tell Mercutio/Hermes that he is a lying, scurvy-ridden, two-timing kobold and if he ever shows his face in this town again, I'm telling the Orcs where he's staying!"

Bernadette, the youngest of the Sailaways, has chosen to say in the town that they grew up in. To be more accurate Hellana threatened that Napolo would suffer a "slow and cruelly diseased death" if he took away her remaining child from her. (Hellana is a bit protective of her children) Bernadette is perfectly content with this fact though. She has become Napolo's assistant for the shop he runs. She is also being groomed to be and excellent trader so she can be married to one of the other successful Gnome families.

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