Little Vizeris

Also Known As: The Academic District, Litviz

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History: A Sovereign Borough, Litviz predates most of the city. Much of the district was unclaimed for some time, as Headmasters refused either to claim non-Academy ground nor to suffer another to surround the institution. The second-to-last finally did so, and while the nonacademic residents have little voice in their direct rule, they may at least petition the Circle now. The Lord Mayor (in practice, his Warden) carries a longbow of blued steel - upon its annexation, the first Lord Mayor of Little Vizeris correctly predicted that his succesors would likely prefer their own rods and wands.

Important Locations:
Valkenberg Arcane Academy
College of Oracles
Garden Street
The Menagerie
Pipple's Potions

Important NPCs:

Garrolan, Headmaster of the Academy and Circleman of the district.
Matusiel, founder of Garden Street

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