Mark of the Chieftain

Not seen on a Chief or "eye" of the Poison Spider Clan in ages, many now believe it to be a myth. The “Mark of the Chieftain" is said to be bestowed on those chosen by the ancient ones, gods or spider demons (depending on who is telling the story). This mark extends from the initiation tattoo on the left hand all the way up the left arm. It then covers the left shoulder, pectoralis, left side of the neck and the left side of the face. This mark is said to bestow certain powers or abilities on those that wear it, but since it has not been seen on a Chieftain in ages no one seems to know what those powers are.

It is commonly believed that Kodos the Craven was the last Chieftain to bear the mark. When he was killed by a clansman who name has been lost in the annals of time, the mark was not bestowed by the powers that be. In order to recognize the new leader's position, the elder’s created the title "eye of the clan." This title was believed to demonstrate the leader’s ability to take control of the clan by mortal means rather than by the decree of some astral deity.

There are still those, not only in Poison Spider Clan, but in other Orc clans as well that remember the stories of the mighty rulers that bore the "Mark" and may very well be willing to follow the decrees passed down by such a ruler.

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