Quote: "Sure, they'll summon from the Shadowfell but Leileva forbid a young scholar has to reach inside a Cube…"

Race: Elf

Class(es): Druid

Known History: Founder of Garden Street and owner of The Menagerie, Matusiel has been a fixture of Little Vizeris life for some time. Her penchant for patronizing adventurers and tutoring academics in nature rituals has left her with a prodigious web of contacts. She long ago took to hiring others to bring her specimens for her menagerie but still sometimes leaves the city for her own reasons.

Appearance: Stereotypically Elven, Matusiel is brightly blond, lightly tan, and light on her feet. Whatever her garb, her pockets generally overflow with the tools and results of her myriad projects.

Personality: Paradoxically flighty and responsible, Matusiel is quick to embrace a perceived obligation or a challenge. She juggles tasks constantly and keeps a number of irons in the fire at all times. She respects initiative and compassion, and demands patience of those around her.



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