Mercutio Sailaway

I would love to chat about your missing cargo, Captain, but I am afraid we will have to cut this meeting short. Ha!

Race: Gnome

Class(es): Rogue

Known History: Mercutio is the eldest son of Napolo Sailaway. He is the acting captain of The Mistress, the flagship of the Sailaway fleet.

Appearance: Mercutio cuts a dashing figure for a gnome. He fights with a rapier in one hand and a girl or a drink in the other. His hair is kept short in the traditional Gnomish manner, but it is usually hidden below some sort of outrageous hat.

Personality: Mercutio always seems to have a laugh at the ready. He makes fast friends and has friends in every port.



Mercutio has sired enough bastards to crew the Sailaway fleet two times over.

Mercutio has run up significant gambling debts that have been bought up by the Tadros family.

Mercutio is searching for the original Icons of Antua.

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