Molvay Keep

A castle built to defend local towns and travelers from the monsters of the Borderlands.


Region/Nation: The edge of the Neverlight Forest is a few days travel due north.

Terrain and architecture description:
The Keep watches over the Stardust Road as well as the farms, towns, and small settlements nearby.

Human: 38%
Eladrin: 35%
Elf: 20%

Silbaern: 40%
Ashallahsa: 25%
Zaghara: 13%

Government: Hereditary station. Molvay was an eladrin that earned his station while serving under Aladris. The keep is technically Eladrin sovereignty, but its proximity to the Neverlight means it usually defers to requests from the

Important NPCs

Elderidge Molvay, Third lord of Molvay Keep
A retired paladin devoted to his duty.
The Bastress, Captain of the Guard
A ranger devoted to protecting the Keep.
Firistal, local healer
A cleric of Ashallahsa who offers his services as a healer no matter what god you worship.
"Honest" Gracen, legitimate businessman
The organizer of the Keep's Market Days.
Scalia, rogue for hire
Gracen's enforcer.

Places of Note

The Inner Keep:
Firistal's Hospice: A large tent set up inside the keep that doubles as a temporary chapel.


Molvay Keep has two major functions. It serves as a defensive outpost for the towns and farms within a 25-mile radius. While it has no standing army, it often recruits Adventurers to aid in the defense of its subjects.

The walls of the Keep also function as a central meeting place. Legal disputes, Market Days, and worship all take place within the walls of the Keep.

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