Neverlight Forest

A large forest inhabited primarily by Elves. While technically not a sovereign nation, the elves that live there as well as the abundance of creatures from the Feywild have made attempts to conquer the forest difficult.

The name comes from the elven lore that there are parts of the forest where the treetop cover is so thick, walking along the forest bottom feels like walking at night no matter the time of day. Hidden by obscuring magics, Neverlight is home to a Cypress Maior, Silbaern's reclusive fourth consort. Most residents of the Forest are unaware of their sylvan monarch.

A popular tale of the Neverlight is of Woodruff, a fey-pact warlock bandit that makes his hideout in the forest, harassing those who would try to harm the forest of the creatures inside.

Neverlight Forest is home to the Baldion Silmeet.

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