Orc Clans

Orcs organizes themselves via tribal means.

Orc drudges are the newest members of a clan. They have yet to see true battle and usually let their enthusiasm overwhelm their tactics.

Tribal offices:

  • Foot: The Foot of a clan
  • Hand: Elite clan warriors sent on missions of assassination or single combat.
  • Tongue: Emissaries between clans.
  • Eye: The leader of a clan.
  • Back: Training and discipline of the orc camps is the responsibility of this orc.

Poison Spider: Based out of Chaos Canyon near Molvay Keep. Members of the clan are marked by having a vicious flesh-eating liquid burn a spot on their bodies. A spiderweb tattoo extends from the spot. Every connection between the strands means the orc has killed someone, either in a raid or in a challenge for a higher rank in the clan.

Silent Wolf: This clan is identified by all of its members dying their hair grey. The Wolves take a tooth from every thing they kill.

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