Identities/Avatars: The Weeping Widow, The Matron of Storms, The Sailor's Wrathful Mistress
Alignment: Evil
Worship by Race:
Wood Elves
Cleric Rites: Clerics of Orsina can be identified by the blue masks they wear in public. Female clerics wear something more akin to a veil, while male clerics wear a kerchief tied over nose and mouth.
Temples: The largest temple of Orsina is located in The City. It is one of the three temples erected around The Spire. It is unusual in that it made from stone rather than the usual wooden construction of other temples to the Weeping Widow. The clerics inside have created a wonderful ever-flowing waterfall inside the temple that cascades from the high ceiling down the walls and does not soak the faithful that walk under the water dome.

Many temples around the world are built from the timbers of wrecked ships. Sailing vessels often have a cleric of Orsina on hand at their launch to placate The Matron of Storms to treat this ship well.

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