The Dragonborn art of smoking. Also the name for the small water pipe used in the process.

Dragonborn use smoke when they speak Draconic. For example, drifting a cloud of smoke to obscure the speaker's mouth is often used to express a secret or a privately-held opinion. This can put non-Draconic speakers at a disadvantage, and the type of smoke exhaled can be used to drastically change the meaning of a word. When the Dragonborn came into contact with the other races, they developed a small water pipe loaded with crushed baca wasps that burned slowly and flavorfully. The non-Dragonborn speakers use the smoke in the same way as the Dragonborn, opening up easier communication.

Qu'sha began as a formal diplomatic experience. For many years, only Dragonborn nobility were allowed pipes. the practie became more widespread

The phrase N*Qu'sha1 is curse spoken when a Dragonborn hears something he does not wish to.

Wealthy Dragonborn often build Qu'shathul'a2, where the walls are decorated with long, elaborate pipes that take up entire walls. Devout followers of Sazar and Bahamut see this as gaudy opulence, but even these dragonborn carry a simple pipe to enjoy baca wasps.

Because of Qu'sha, baca wasps have become a valuable commodity. Wood elves often will smoke baca wasp hives. The acrid smoke has a tranquilizing effect. Qu'sha has spread from traders to inns to the private homes of wealthy individuals. Qu'sha is also a social experience. Many settlements with a large Dragonborn population have a public Qu'shathul'a where different flavors of baca wasp mixes can be smoked.

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