Relkahm is a large port town on the Moonfall River. Relkahm is the last large settlement along the Moonfall's current before the river enters unknown territory. Most of its trade comes from explorers bringing back treasures from the unexplored regions beyond Relkham or expeditions gearing up to head out.

Geography +++

World: Arneson
Region/Nation: Molvay Keep

Terrain and architecture description:

Tiefling: 40%
Human: 35%
Gnome: 10%
Orsina: 10%
Antua: 6%

Currently ruled by Founder Neelani. Founder is a hereditary term of leadership - when the Founder dies, his or her advisors meet to consort with the ancestors in a extended Ashallahsa rite. The ancestors then choose the next leader, who is believed to be connected to the founders of Relkahm

Important NPCs +++

Neelani: Current Founder of Relkahm
Frange, chief adviser to Founder Neelani

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Places of Note +++

The Gray Cathedral: A large temple devoted to ashallahsa. It is currently under a renovation spearheaded by Founder Neelani.
Paddyville: A shanytown growing on the floodplain of the Moonfall River. It is composed of people not allowed to live in the town of Relkahm - mostly those of non-human or Tiefling stock. Paddyville has a large gnome community that deal in river trade - poor fishermen and families looking for work on larger trade vessels.

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Society +++

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