Quote: "By Melora your evil here is done! I think your water of life shall make an acceptable sacrifice to honor my goddess, now feel the bite of my blade!"




Known History:

Appearance:5'9" with reddish-brown hair and piercing eyes the color of an ocean after a storm

Personality: Despite being a devoted mother Rhyanon often missed the adventuring life she had before her son Hogar was born. Desperate to mold him into an agent of all that is good and right in the world she taught him everything she could about being a ranger and how to help others in the wild. Her only disappointment was that her goddess "Melora" would deny Hogar access into the sacred grove that Rhyanon had spent years building to honor her water goddess by selecting and consecrating the perfect seculded spot with a running brooke surrounded by tress and flowers symbolizing the life giving aspect of Melora.

Motivation: She would give anything for her son to be accepted by he beloved goddess and had hoped that someday Melora would deem Hogar worthy enough to enter her grove and continue to care for and protect it.

Rumors: She once took an orc for a lover
While helping to rescue some wayward travelers she was help prisoner by an Orc tribe leader who tried to force her to become his concubine.

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