Quote: "A copper for cleanliness! Only you can keep Mud Street clean!"

Race: Elf

Class(es): Ranger

Known History:

The elf known as Shitwagon presumably came to Deeptown for the same reason anyone else does: to reap a pile of gold from the mountain and retire. Nobody knows what happened to those dreams. Instead, he pulls a wagon up and down Mud Street daily, offering to haul the trash, offal, and sewage out of businesses and homes for a copper piece. Its a thankless job, as oftentimes people will simly toss their garbage out the window and hit him instead.

Personality: The elf embraces his newly given name, figuring that by fighting against it, he would get saddled with a worse one. He is geerally quiet and unobtrusive but opens up around other elves.

Motivation: Shitwagon saw the damage that the townsfolk were doing to Mud Street by pouring everything out into the middle of the street. He hopes that his actions inspire others to be more mindful of how they treat the lands surrounding The Deep.


Shitwagon steals magic items from unwary drunks in the night to feed himself.

Shitwagon sells the trash to the monsters in The Deep so they can construct weapons and traps.

Shitwagon's first adventuring party joined the miner's guild and he's too scared to try again.

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