Identities/Avatars: God/Goddess of the Moon, Rangers, Druids, travellers, forests, jungles, and those who work at night, Silbaern is a shifting entity. Silbaern has a female aspect when waxing, a hermaphroditic aspect at fullness, a male aspect when waning, and an asexual aspect when new.

Alignment: Neutral

Worship by Race:
Elf - 45%
Halfling - 30%
Human - 25%

Lay Practices/Rituals: Laeity are encouraged to venture into wilderness at least twice a year. Overnight vigils mark important occasions, and offerings are made in stardust or silver when practical. Practicioners favoring a particular priest are said to be part of that priest's convocation. Sacraments include a monthly baptism or abulation, marriage, divorce, final rites, and (optionally) confession. Laeity do not pray during the full moon.

Cleric Rites/Rituals: Each priest of Silbaern chooses a patron phase upon ordainment. While entitled to perform rituals and prayers during any phase (though discouraged from praying during the new moon's night), a priest will only lead services for laeity during the patron phase. Exceptions will be made for holy days and in extreme circumstance. Priests are not limited by gender, nor are patron phases limited by gender.

The clergy is mildly heirarchical, with each dozen priests electing a representative to the greater church. Each dozen of those elected recursively elects another, until the final groups picks three as high priests, named hierophants. Hierophants may never be defrocked nor fail to be elected unless Silbaern directly commands it be so. The representative priests convey their constituents concerns and opinions, but no priest has coercive power over another unless speaking with Silbaern's direct voice.

Paladins are forbidden from owning land or sleeping in the same location for 14 consecutive days.

Temples: Temples vary widely by local custom, but one aspect is constant; each shrine to Silbaern has a lens in the roof above a small pool. The lens will be aligned to focus the full light of the moon into the pool on the shrine's specific holy day (there are duplicates).

Symbols: Silbaern's favor is symbolized by a white oak leaf, a teardrop of glass or crystal, or a vial of mercury. Holy symbols are often chased with silver, either in abstract patterns or a flowing script.

Myths/Legends: Most practicioners know of three hierophants, clergy know that the hierophants serve as consorts to Silbaern during the appropriate phase. Almost none know that there is a fourth hierophant, the hierophant of the new moon. The heirophant of the new moon has been unchanged in the last two millenia; it is the Neverlight Banyan.

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