The Six Blade

The name of the largest criminal organization in The City.

The name comes from the legend that the founders murdered Cerodon, King of the Rouges, by stabbing him to death in the middle of his favorite tavern. The conspirators split up the city between themselves and have been vying for power every since.

They have a hall of some description in every district; some are all but open knowledge (like the palatial Hart's Hoof in Tieftown), and some are painfully anonymous (like the unnamed series of rooms and tunnels in Ermine Hill).

The Six Blade has enough leverage over enough potentates that even though its existance is known to every Circleman, they have yet to take meaningful action to destroy it. What crackdowns are taken against the Six Blade are either shams, feints, or political retribution intended to injure rather than to destroy.

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