The chief rival to the Sailaway family for dominance of river trade. The Tadros were once the most prominent, but the Sailaways opened up new markets with the other races of the world and their quick adoption of Common outpaced Tadros adaptation.

Armin Tadros is the head of the family.

The Tadros fleet includes:

Aretes Grenede - "The Graceful Frog" - The Tadros flagship, captained by Armin.

Armin has three boys, Dino, Arlo, and Bravo. His only daughter, Carla, was lost at sea as a child.

A marriage fostered between Bernadette Sailaway and Dino Tadros will take place within the next year to bring the families closer together. Armin dwells on the fact that his oldest son is marrying the Sailway's youngest daughter.

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