Taryn Hush

Name: Taryn

Modern Name: Hush

Race: Tiefling

Class/Level: Warlock/1

Age: 27


Ability Score Value Modifier
Strength 10 0
Constitution 16 +3
Dexterity 11 0
Intelligence 15 +2
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 16 +3
Attribute Value
Armor Class 14
Fortitude Defense 13
Reflex Defense 13
Will Defense 14
Initiative 0
Speed (squares) 6

Hit Points: 28

Bloodied: 14




Bluff, Insight, Intimidate, Streetwise

Race and Class features:

Infernal Wrath, Fire Resistance, Fey Pact, Misty Step, Prime Shot, Shadow Walk, Warlock's Curse


Standard Adventurers Pack
Leather Armor
Hand Crossbow
guarddrake talon necklace


From a young age Taryn started traveling with her father, exploring The City and the lands around it. Her mother tended to avoid adventuring, preferring the steady life of a shopkeeper selling the trinkets and treasures adventurers brought to trade. Learning what she could from her father about where to go, where not to go, who to talk to in any given place, and who to avoid she easily took to the traveling her father loved. Due to her father's demon blood she was usually mistrusted but also caused folks to be uneasy around her and Taryn wasn't afraid to exploit their fear when necessary. Her mother taught her how to read through people's lies, protect her own, and the secrets of unlocking the foreign languages of the many races would pawn off their finding at her shop.

Belosh, her cousin (on her father's side) often stopped in and would show off the tricks he had recently learned from his mystical studies. After starting more than a few fires inside the small shop her mother would shoo them outside and they would watch the market from the roof. Taryn quickly learned how to throw the bolts of crackling energy from her cousin. Seeing how much attention and trouble Belosh brought for himself she was hesitant to learn how to set things aflame the way he did. However, she was adept enough to gain the attentions of other magics less obvious though just as painful and deadly. Due to this more subtle approach Belosh took to calling her Hush.

Deciding to try their luck, Belosh and Taryn joined up with a halfling adventurer named Pip and went to seek their fortune. After a particular dealing had gone south the three of them decided to part ways until the fallout had died down. Belosh left the city headed north, the halfling snuck to the darker shadows of the city, and Taryn decided to see what the Deep could offer.

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