The Bastress

Quote:"I remember making a shot just like that when I was twelve."

Race: Half-Elf

Class(es): Ranger/Warlord

Known History: The Bastress got her name from Honest Gracen who remarked when she first was appointed to her position as Captain of the Guard that he was unsure if Lord Molvay had appointed his mistress or his illegitimate child. It is assumed that she is Elderidge's daughter. Only a select few know her given name.

Appearance: The Bastress prefers light armor and is rarely seen without her bow Sialbenna.1 She gets her Elvish ears and slim build from her father and presumably her dark hair and eyes from her mother.

Personality: The Bastress spent her youth around the castle guards and sneaking away from the Keep. When the old Captain of the Guard retired, Elderidge make a controversial decision to put her in the role even though she was barely an adult. The move was a canny one - it allowed The Bastress the freedom to roam the Borderlands while developing a sense of responsibility to temper her wild gambles in battle.



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