The Circlemen

This is the official governing body of The City. Each district is entitled to at least one Circleman, though extra seats can be added if a district is powerful enough. The chief Circleman of each district is named Mayor of that district, whether or no they have formal governing power within the district.

The name derives from the round chamber in which the Circlemen debate various policies once a month.

While Circleman is the general term, the title is addresses as 'Circleman' or 'Circlewoman' depending on the gender of the official. Circlemen frequently have additional titles. Brightport's circleman, for instance, is also the Seatreader's Guildmaster.

Each district is allowed to select their Circleman in their own way. For example, the First Circleman of the Elven District is hereditary and is expected to change hisname to honor Aladris.

Each Mayor has a Warden, an appointed counsellor and second. A Warden may answer for his district's Circlemen in duels, may arrest and produce anyone summoned by the Circle, may bear the District Arm, and may call an emergent Circle meeting.

The four sovereign settlements, Treetops, Beard's End, Little Vizeris, and Brightport, bestow on their Mayors and Wardens some additional rights. Mayors of those districts are named Lord (or Lady) Major and carry the district's ceremonial weapon on formal occasions. More than ceremonial, each weapon is also a potent magic item in its own right and a legitimate bearer (the Lord Mayor or his Warden at Arms) may declare Foecall and raise a militia. The Vassal Boroughs, have their own ceremonial arms or armor but may only raise militia or bear the item after a Foecall is declared. Their Wardens are termed Wardens at Ready.

The following are the current Circlemen of each district:

Tieftown: Astravax
The Entertainment District:
The Lamplighters District: Charming Vampire
Little Vizeris: Garrolan, Headmaster of the Valkenburg Arcane Academy
The Spire District:
Treetops: Aladris XVII
Beard's End: Heldabrath DeGras
Ermine Hill:

The following are the current Wardens of each district:
Brightport: Perobbin Nukchev

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