The City

The largest city in the world. Known by many names to the races of the world, the locals simply call it The City.



Terrain and architecture description:
The City is built around The Spire and is broken up into sixteen districts. The architecture draws inspirations from many sources due to the continental make-up of the population.


As the City expanded, it annexed four sovereign settlements: Treetops, Beard's End, Little Vizeris, and Brightport. The other districts, termed Vassal Boroughs, are no less powerful under normal circumstances, and the Lords Mayor of the sovereign settlements are generally slow to invoke their special privelages.

City guards have no jurisdiction in the sovereign districts; their policing is handled by internal watches.


The population of the city is very metropolitan. The Trinity Treaty races are slightly more populous.
- Dwarf: ??
- Human:
- Halfling:


There are three large temples devoted to the gods that value The Spire. However, thanks to the College of Oracles, almost every being revered by a cleric has some small temple somewhere in the winding streets.
Orsina :20%
Leileva: 18%
Zaghara: 13%
Silbaern: 1%


The City is governed by The Circlemen, a council of elders, influential citizens, and nobles that oversee services that affect the entire city.

Important NPCs:

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Places of Note:

The Spire: The center of The City.
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TF: Short for "turd farmer". Someone new to The City.

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