The Cloaked Stranger

Quote: "I see that the fates have once again caused our paths to cross my friend. How fortuitous, especially since I have something that I think you should have."

Race: Orc-although the appearance may be a disguise…


Known History: Not much is known about him, he seems to appear at just the right time with just the right item to help out Hogar and sometimes one of his companions.

Appearance:Always appears in a red shabby cloak, with the hood covering his entire face. On his last appearance, Hogar thought he saw tattoos similar to his own, except they were fading.

Personality:No one knows, but he seems genuinely nice and wanting to see Hogar succeed in his journey. He must be okay, because whenever he is around Shadow seems to curl up by his feet and purr in contentment.

Motivation:Again that is veiled in mystery


  • He is not only a former member of the Poison Spider Clan, but is also Hogar's grandfather and wishes to see Hogar take his rightful place as the next leader of the clan.
  • He is a figment of both Hogar and Shadow's imaginations, a side effect of the mind link the two appear to have.
  • He is a mage disguising himself as a helpful stranger with a plan to end the lives of Hogar and his companions.
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