The Deep

A largely unexplored underground complex discovered by miners. The complex contains many treasures - gold, jewels, and magic artifacts. Adventurers have heard of the potential riches within and are making their way into the complex to strike it rich.

The complex also contains many dangers. Monsters have occupied many of the rooms and whoever built the complex installed traps and other devices to persuade treasure seekers to find a new line of work.

The basic story is that a group of miners working for a dwarven ore company broke through the wall of the complex. Rather than tell their masters what they discovered, they conspired to enter the complex and loot it themselves.

Beyond this, multiple versions of the tale exist. The miner group ranges in size from 4 to 20 men. Some versions have deadly traps killing the majority of the minors. Some have dissent on how to properly divide the treasure doing so.

The only survivor widely known to exist is Borash the Barber, owner and operator of Guildhouse. Borash doesn't say much about the experience or if anyone else made it out with him. What is known is that the mining company closed down soon after the miners returned and never returned.

Speculation amongst Deeptown residents on the Deep runs rampant. Some think it is the capital of an ancient Dwarf empire. Other believe it to be the lost city of Somalla. Others believe it to be the upper levels of The Nine Hells. Scholarly study of the ruin have yet to truly take place and every day the chance to identify The Deep are getting smaller. Artifacts are being hauled out to be sold at Deeptown everyday without concern for their historical value.

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