Also Known As: The Dock District. Brightport takes its name from the luminescent fish that swarm around its wharfs and quays.

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History: Brightport is one of the four Sovereign Boroughs. Its Lord Mayor carries an obsidian dagger.

Important Locations:
Terrace Hulk: The Terrace Hulk is an ancient barge anchored some quarter mile off shore. The Seatreader's Guildmaster (hence Brightport's circleman) makes his office there and tradition has that he must swim to the Hulk upon taking office and back to shore upon leaving it (though he is free to use conventional transportation in the mean time).

Important NPCs:
Perobbin Nukchev: Halfling warlord, Seatreader's Master of the Bells, and Brightport's Warden At Arms. Despite her salty language and penchant for practical jokes, Perobbin takes her duties seriously and can guide ship, crew, or soldiers through hardship and storm.

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