The Feywar

Many of the details of this ancient war are lost, but it is believed to be the cause of the sundering of the Material and the Feywild, as well as the eventual split between the Elven and Eladrin races.

Millennia ago (at least 8 Eladrin generations), the society of the Feywild was torn apart in a furious civil war. The exact cause of this is no longer remembered; some historians claim it was a dispute between the Seasonal Courts, or a fight about a plan to exterminate the Formorian giants, or even a falling out between the peoples deliberately engineered by the segment of Eladrin society that would eventually become the Drow. Whatever the cause of the war, one thing is clear: the Eladrin and Elves that currently live on the Material lost.

With their loss in the Feywar, the remaining Eladrin found themselves banished and cut off from the Feywild by their kin (sometimes known as the True Eladrin). Many among the lower classes of society, the servants and soldiers, acclimated themselves to this state of affairs relatively easily. Within a generation, they had severed their remaining links to the Feywild, and immersed themselves in the ebb and flow of the natural world, eventually changing their name to Elves to represent their new spirit and direction. The noble classes, however, refused to accept their defeat gracefully. They would not give up their original name of Eladrin, nor would they sever their ties with the Feywild. They retained the ability to briefly travel to the Feywild and back to the Material, through the ability that came to be known as Fey-Stepping. However, due to their banishment, they are unable to stay in the Feywild for long periods of time without risk of being captured and killed or imprisoned.

Eventually, the Eladrin split completely from their Elven brethren. Most historians date the official split as the year when Aladris led the Eladrin out of their strongholds in the northwest to what would become The City.

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